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Who We Are

At Palmville Group Homes, we are committed to providing full support services to persons living with disability. We are an NDIS provider offering services aimed at helping persons with disabilities lead full lives. Just like the aim of the NDIS scheme, we ensure that participants maintain complete choice and control over their lives.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the biggest insurance scheme since Medicare provided by the Australian government to ensure that persons with disability lead the fullest versions of their lives with the necessary support.
NDIS provides cover for persons that are below 65 years  providing them, their families and loved ones as well as caregivers the necessary support system for achieving maximum productivity. The introduction of the NDIS started in 2016, and the scheme hopes to provide extensive cover for about 500,000 Australians by 2019.
To be eligible for the NDIS scheme, one should have a permanent disability that reduces their productivity significantly, be younger than 65 years, must live in Australia and be an Australia citizen or hold a Protected Special Group or permanent visa.
We could help with the process of registering for the NDIS scheme, if you believe you fit the criteria above give us a call.
Services provided, in accordance to the NDIS scheme, at Palmville Group Homes include:
Personal Activities (QLD)
-Life Stage, Transition (QLD)
Daily Tasks/Shared Living (QLD)
Development-Life Skills (QLD)
Participate Community (QLD)
-Travel/Transport (QLD)
Household Tasks (QLD)
To achieve our goals and serve participants of the NDIS scheme completely, our services are personalized as per the requests and preferences of participants, their families and loved ones.
Our strength is in the personalisation of every service to provide participants with all the support they need to pursue their goals. We are equipped with excellent facilities to provide the best of support services, and our team is completely committed to the goal of providing the best quality of personalised support services.

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