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Palmville Group Homes offers an exceptional standard of amenities and service for clients looking for short or long term stays in an assisted living environment.
The atmosphere is friendly and warm, with our residents feeling part of a family unit, cared for by people who understand their needs. We have strong ties with many community organisations, ensuring a very broad and supportive network.
Living on a Disability Support Pension (DSP) can hinder your efforts to find affordable disability housing to get the support you need. However, we are here to help you. Our establishment is a fully accredited Level 3 Residential Service offering accommodation to people who need assistance to live well. Our homes are adequate for independent living.
There are no drugs or alcohol allowed on site. This is to ensure the safety of all residents and staff. Our homes are devised for independent living. We offer low care accommodation to those residents with Mental Illness, Alcohol related dementia, Acquired Brain Injury, Intellectual Impairment and the Homeless. Situated in Ipswich Queensland we provide community housing which is based as a percentage of the full Disability and Aged Pension including allowances.
Our rooms are furnished with a bed, side table, window coverings, a fan, and linen. Boarding and lodging services include access to washing machines, washing soap, and power. We aim to help our residents remain as independent as possible by encouraging them to take care of themselves.

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