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Hi my name is Peter, I have been a resident of Palmville Group Homes for 12 years now. Some places don’t feel like home, yet with Palmville it feels like your home. It takes a lot of caring and understanding from staff to know about P.T.S.D, MENTAL HEALTH, & Living with it and its challenges in life. I find the staff to be openly honest about issues that relate to the residents of Palmville. They are friendly and do the best they can to make our lives valuable to us again. Well this is my story Peter S.

Peter Shaw


It is more than just a facility that provides good accommodation and feeding. I have found a family here. The staff has been extremely supportive regardless of my disability. And I have observed they are not nice only to me but everyone here. There is no discrimination, and everyone is treated with respect and love. I am grateful to the efforts made by the management to ensure everyone who lives there has a better chance of improving their lives — Robert W.

Robert Wise


The environment is so decent, and there is a positive atmosphere that can motivate even the most depressed person. This was how I felt during the time I was living alone. I had just suffered a setback in life, and no one seemed to care. Here I connected with professionals who showed me that I could live a better life and regain all I have lost. Thanks to the team here I have reconciled with my family and put a dark past behind me. I also learned more about my disability and how to manage the condition. Now I have genuine friends who really care about my life - Darcy N.

Darcy Nathan

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